Ahh, morning. You wake up, say hello to the sun, listen to the songbirds, and wander into your kitchen to pour yourself a nice bowl of cereal. You pull the milk out of the fridge…and everything is ruined when you get a whiff of rancid milk.

bad milk

Goodbye, nice morning. Goodbye, sun and songbirds. Yes, you’re left with a dark, cold Earth, because the sun doesn’t want anything to do with that nasty milk. Spoiled milk is the worst.

Thankfully, science and good communication are pairing up to save our mornings. Researchers have created a tag that changes color to tell you if your food is spoiled or not.

color-changing freshness tag

The tags feel like little gummies and stick right to the outside of the product, so you can see if your food is spoiled without exposing yourself to any of its stink molecules.

color-changing food packaging tags

The system is simple. The color of the tag shifts from red to green, where red means “fresh” and green means “oh no, dispose of that immediately, preferably beneath 50 feet of steel.”

YouTube video

Very neat science, and a near-immediate way to communicate if food has gone bad or not.

Images from the American Chemical Society via Business Insider.

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