Having an internship is about learning what work is like.

Having a Jellyvision internship is about learning what work should be like.

During my eleven weeks here, I became a trusted member of a close-knit team, and a valued part of the organization as a whole. Every new person I met was excited to share their work with me, and they were always interested in what I was working on, too. I was assigned projects that I was expected to complete independently, but I was never left in the lurch–it was easy to find someone to help out if I hit a stumbling block or had a question. My jobs were an awesome mix of right brain creativity and left brain organization: the combination kept me super engaged, and I enjoyed every minute of my work. And when I finished each task, I was always proud of the outcome, and ready for my next endeavor.

Although there was plenty of fun to be had–I think my favorite shenanigan was playing keepaway in our rolling desk chairs–the work wasn’t always easy. I juggled vendors who were behind deadlines and prices that were too high and warehouses that were out of stock to get my projects done on time and under budget. At a different company, those would have been stressful days, but not here. By following the lead of my manager and other coworkers, I quickly learned to take the delays and disruptions in stride. My certified-delightful Jellyvision demeanor grew unshakeable, and I soon realized that when I greeted every problem with a smile and kept my cool, it was a lot easier to find a solution–and the vendors in question were a lot more willing to help me out, too!


I learned so much over the course of this internship. I did a ton of writing, got familiar with new softwares, and managed a $19,000 project budget without accidentally ordering thousands of excess chocolate bars. But the only reason I was able to do that much was because I had the support of all the Jellypeople. I felt so much trust and support when I was trying something new that any jitters I would normally have seemed to just disappear. And whenever I excelled at something, or found a particular affinity for a project, I was encouraged to keep working on it–I even had coworkers make entirely new assignments for me just so I could get more practice with something I found particularly interesting.

Every day I spent at Jellyvision I gave my all– all my energy, all my brainpower, all my creativity, all my laughter, all my love. I think it’s rare to find an internship that not only requires all that, but makes you look forward to giving it–and I’m so thankful that I got lucky enough to find a job so perfect. So long, Jellyfriends–I can’t wait until we cross paths again!

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