The Jellyvision Lab announced that its board of directors has promoted Kurt Hirsch, general counsel for the company since 2001-and inspiration for hundreds of intra-office memes (see below)-to the position of chief financial officer. Despite what these pictures would have you believe, Hirsch is a brilliant lawyer and a grown man.

“This promotion simply recognizes the job Kurt has already been doing,” said Jellyvision CEO Amanda Lannert. “This was an unposted position we didn’t realize we needed until Kurt started owning so much beyond his role as general counsel. Kurt Hirsch has a laser-like sense of focus, an inspiring work ethic, and he cares deeply about Jellyvision, our business, and our people. Making him our CFO makes Jellyvision a better company.”

Prior to joining Jellyvision, Hirsch was a partner at the law firm of Lewis Baach PLLC (formerly Baach Robinson & Lewis), a law clerk to Judge John Helm Pratt of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, and a program director for 95.5 WBRU in Providence, Rhode Island, where he probably lectured his co-workers on the brilliance of his musical hero, Bob Dylan, just like he does here.

When asked to comment on his promotion, Hirsch simply smiled benevolently from his majestic (and dignified!) perch atop a four-foot high metal filing cabinet, where he listens to an exquisitely curated playlist of classic rock and attends to his operations, compliance, risk management, and office-meme–related duties.

original kurt hirsch meme

gargoyle kurt

kurt impressionism

kurt in the situation room

kurt dust bowl

kurt in an office zoo

kurt nighthawks

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