With a growing broker channel arm and three new Channel Strategy Leader hires, Jellyvision cranks up the dial on partnerships, education and support.

Jellyvision, maker of the benefits and financial decisions platform ALEX, has experienced tremendous success in helping brokers (and their clients) master their benefits communications. Today Jellyvision announces its triple-threat broker strategy: invest in new hires, build up current partnerships, and focus on continued education across the brokerage industry with orbital-laser-like precision.

Over the past year, Jellyvision’s broker channel team has expanded by 400%. The company now works with 10 of the 15 largest U.S. brokerages in the industry. Jellyvision serves as a valuable partner to forward-thinking brokers, helping them make benefits communication upgrades a top priority for their book of clients. More than 1,500 companies nationwide, with over 17 million total employees, use ALEX. ALEX helps their employees make smart choices about their benefits, finances, and retirement options—often with the help of brokers and benefit consultants.

“We’ve always believed brokers were an invaluable piece of the benefits communication puzzle, so we’re taking tangible action to address their needs,” says Chad Schneider, Jellyvision’s Senior Director of Channel Sales. “By helping brokers build communications plans that are scalable to a wide variety of budgets and organizational sizes, we’re able to not only help our nationally-recognized brokerage partners, but also individual brokers who want to make a difference in their clients’ lives.”

As a part of this effort, Jellyvision is proud to announce the hiring of three new channel strategy leaders who bring 55 years of combined broker and benefits industry experience to the team. The new trio of Jeff Schmidt, Kristine Hammack and Robert Ferrone will join existing team members Keith Vallera and Patrick McPartland, making the Jellyvision channel strategy team a force to be reckoned with—or, preferably, partnered with.

“Jellyvision will continue to deliver a more tailored service experience for brokerages of all sizes, while still retaining everything that makes ALEX great,” said Schneider.

To learn more about how Jellyvision supports amazing brokers all over the world, visit jv2020dev.wpengine.com/solutions/for-brokers.

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