Benefits Trivia March copyAre you a bona fide benefits expert? Can you answer confused employee queries faster than free donuts disappear from the office kitchen? Do you fantasize about hearing Alex Trebek announce, “And the category is… HDHPs!”?

Well, you’re in luck, ya big nerd!

We’ve compiled three benefits-themed trivia questions for you below. Take a look, and send your answers in an email to astroup(at)jellyvision(dot)com.

If you’re the first to get all three right, we’ll send you this delicious bar of chocolate and some other nifty stuff. (Unless you hate getting fun, surprise packages in the mail. In which case, we’ll just email you the word “CONGRATULATIONS, WINNER,” just like that, in all caps.)

Ready? Here we go!

  1. What was the full name of the guy who gave his surname to “Roth IRA”? (And no, we’re not looking for “David Lee.”)
  2. In what year were 401(k)s first introduced?
  3. For a single person (not a family), what is the current out-of-pocket maximum for a qualifying HDHP?

Send in your guesses any time before next Tuesday…and you could be a benefits trivia champ!

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