This month, it will feel like all eyes are on you. Don’t worry, you’re not being paranoid…you’re right. Don’t make any mistakes, or they will see.


Be bold and take some risks this month. Try pyrotechnics or signing your emails with skull emojis.


The moon is in your house of mystery this month, so be sure to start every conversation with: ‘Now listen here, see, answer my question or the little dog gets it.’ What you hear may surprise you.


This month will be a powerful time to express your emotions: now’s the time to let your [REDACTED] standing desk know exactly how it has [REDACTED] your life.


Your use-whatever’s-left-in-the-office-kitchen-on-Friday-afternoon smoothie-making workshop will fail because a faulty blender. Yes, this is an omen.


The stars aren’t totally clear on this, but something vaguely irritating might happen during your webinar or seminar or whatever. Maybe.


At your next SHRM chapter meeting, a stranger in a glowing hamster ball will ask you where the nearest grocery store is. Do not, under any circumstances, tell him.


Be extra soft-spoken this month. The more you whisper, the sooner everyone else will also whisper, which means the office will finally be quiet, which means that Gary in Accounting will finally be able to take a dang nap.

*This horoscope has been sponsored by Gary in Accounting.


The good news: your ‘Team Night Out” begins with drinks and laughter. The bad news: it ends with matching Benefitz4Life neck tattoos.


On the second Wednesday of the month, around 3:15 EST, you’ll deliver the second-most impressive handshake of your life.


You’ve been dying to wear that floor-length velvet cape to work. The stars would like to ask you–as your friends–to consider that maybe you’re not a ‘cape person.’


Four words: don’t leave the house.

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