We don’t want to brag, but…we have the coolest customers ever.

They’re constantly on the cutting-edge of new benefits communication strategies. Like Rosaria Sasso, SVP of Compensation and Benefits at Viacom, who’s doing some really neat and innovative things around financial wellness. SoBenestar benefits superhero hr heroes cool, in fact, that she spoke with Jellyvision at the Health Benefits Leadership Conference in a session called “Why Your Employees’ Money Woes Should Matter – and How You Can Help.”

Why do I bring this up, besides to give Rosaria some well-deserved street cred? We’re constantly hearing about all the great things our customers are working on–and we’d love to help you all know about each other’s great things, so you can learn from each other and have someone to high five with.

Enter: the HR Hero Club. We’d love for you to slap on your HR utility belt and come join us. If you’re interested, contact your Account Manager for more info, or read on to learn more about the program.

HR Heroes are customers who have taken really innovative steps to ensuring their employees understand their benefits and other important company programs in a fun, delightful way. Are your proud of something your HR team has accomplished? Are you launching a new program, or driving toward a specific goal? You’d look great in one of our capes.

In exchange for sharing your neat ideas and strategies, we’re highlighting our HR Heroes in a number of ways. Case studies, webinar stardom, conference presentations, video testimonials, award nominations: if there’s a way we can share your story with other HR leaders and get you some kudos, we’re all about it.


HR Hero Marcy Crossman, Senior Benefits Manager, Paychex

Case Studies

ALEX Morningstar case study hr heroes

HR Hero Paul Reiman, Head of Total Rewards, Morningstar


Humor in benefits communication webinar title slide hr heroes

HR Hero Robyn Smith, Vice President of Human Resources, Jackson Healthcare

Award Submissions

HR communication award article hr heroes

HR Hero Robin Vickers, Manager of Benefits-Health, Welfare & Compliance, Baylor College of Medicine

You’ll also be able to learn directly from your fellow HR Heroes, getting access to their best practices and drawing inspiration from their successes. Secret lair for all the heroes TBD, but we’re optimistic.

Finally, these projects provide a valuable resource for our team, as they help us market ALEX to future users. Can you say first place on our holiday card list? Y-E-S.

If you’d like to learn more about this program, reach out to your account manager! And keep an eye out for future blog posts and communications regarding our heroes.