If you still think of Millennials as the fresh-faced upstarts at your company, well, believe it or not, an even younger generation has just entered the workforce: Generation Z*.

To help you create great communications these whippersnappers will actually engage with, my 20-year-old son, Cameron, has three GenZ benefits communication tips:

#1. Make content easily accessible by smartphone

For people my age, pretty much our whole lives are on our smartphones. So if you’re sharing important work information–say, stuff about our health benefits or 401(k)– ideally we can find it via some easy-to-access app. I go to University of Michigan, and they use an app called Canvas that lets us access course information, readings, and syllabi. I think having something like this, where I could access all my benefit information in one place, would be super helpful too.

#2. Shorter meetings and no printed content, please!

For something as complicated as benefits, it would be great to get a chance to look at all the information ahead of time, instead of getting a bunch of stuff dumped on us at a long meeting. That way, the meetings could be shorter and used to clarify any questions we had, which would probably also save everybody a lot of time. Oh, and don’t give us printed handouts. It unnecessarily kills trees and we’ll probably just lose them. Honestly, I’m waiting for the day that my driver’s license is on my phone!

#3. Consider serving up video content

I like videos (and most people I know do too) because it allows you a more personal relationship with content. It feels real in a way a lot of printed stuff doesn’t: someone’s talking to you directly, looking at you. So I’d suggest that if all the stuff you send people about benefits is just emails or PDFs, maybe think about making little videos instead.

I think Cam’s suggestions would not only help your youngest workers engage more, it would help all your workers engage more. Except for my generation’s unquenchable love of 90s grunge rock, we’re not that different after all!

*Generation Z includes people ages 8 to 22.