It’s the year 2019.

Your employees are overpaying for meds. They’re going to the ER for the sniffles. Meanwhile, their HSAs are empty, lost to the sands of time.

It’ll take an HR hero to save these HDHP users some money. An HR hero like you. Your weapons? Good communication. A steely gaze. And a calendar.

Plan Your Attack: Two weeks before the plan year begins

No foe was ever vanquished without a solid to‐do list. So before the insanity of the plan year descends:

Create two email lists: one for all employees with HDHPs and another for new HDHP users
(Sure, it’s easier to just use one. But the more targeted your message, the better.)

Post an FAQ page on your intranet

Keep it under ten questions, or you’ll find people overwhelmed by the FAQ and by their health plans. Use real, human words: your real humans will thank you. And make sure your questions reflect the concerns of different employee types: Millennials just off their parents’ plan, older employees behind on retirement, people who stink at math. And so on.

Try these on for size:
• Is an HSA different from an FSA?
• Do I have to open an HSA?
• How much money should I put in my HSA?
• This plan looks way more expensive than my PPO. What gives?

Fight Forgetfulness: The first week of the new plan year

40% of HSA-eligible HDHP users never even open an HSA*. That’s almost most of them!

Some forget, some avoid it, some don’t know where to begin. And when your employees miss out on tax savings, not only is that bad for them, your company misses out on payroll tax savings, too.

Remember those two email lists from last month? That’s right, it’s mass email time.
To make life extra-easy, we wrote two “new plan year” emails for you. One for newbies, one for experienced HDHPers. Cut ‘em, paste ‘em, rewrite ’em. You won’t hurt our feelings.

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