If your benefits communications are dry, confusing, and stress-inducing, you’re wasting your—and your employees’—time. Here’s some advice on smarter ways to talk to your employees about benefits…from the humans here at Jellyvision to the human that is you.

#1. Write the way you speak

When you talk to your friends, you’re relaxed, you’re genuine, and you use real words your friends understand. At work, it can feel more “professional” to use buzzwords, jargon, and long, complicated sentences.

But when you fall into this habit, your writing becomes less interesting, more confusing, and most likely headed directly for the recycling bin.

Luckily, this is easy to fix. Just imagine a single human being—your favorite colleague, maybe—on the other end of every mass email you write or PowerPoint presentation you cobble together.

Gross Jargon:
“Actionable items”
“An election of voluntary life coverage for a spouse can equal up to half your individual life buy-up.”

Clear and Engaging Alternatives:
“Things to do”
“If you buy extra life insurance for yourself, you can also buy up to half that amount for your spouse.”

#2. Make your audience care

You care about the benefits your company offers because that’s your job. Your employees aren’t going to care unless you specifically show how those benefits will improve their lives.

Some tips:

  • Focus less on your benefits’ enticing features and more on exactly how much time and money they’ll save your employees
  • Talk to your employees directly: use “you” whenever possible
  • Let your audience speak for you: Employee testimonials carry more weight than what you say about your benefits yourself

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