The (platonic, but intense) love story between ALEX and Chad Smith, Vice President at Milestone Benefits Agency, began as all good love stories do…a few years ago at a Benefits Advisors Network demo. ”I remember sitting in,” Smith recalled, “and I thought: Wow, this is really, really cool.”

That demo stayed filed away in the back of Smith’s mind until he started working with a new client this past year: a large school district facing the challenge of communicating major benefits updates to its workforce after several years of no changes. That’s when he decided to suggest ALEX.

When the district’s Director of Communications heard his pitch for the tool, she was hooked. “She was like, ‘We can’t not do this,’” Smith said. While the district’s treasurer had some initial qualms, after seeing a demo and talking with both ALEX reps and the school district’s benefits team, she gave ALEX the green light.

Smith built the custom benefits conversation himself with ALEX DIY in order to accommodate all the district’s needs, no matter how specific or unusual. “We had to do some unique things, but it was seamless,” said Smith. “I loaded all the information myself, and it was actually incredibly easy.”

The school district and its employees loved it—so much so that usage rates nearly hit 100%. “The feedback shows that it really worked well,” said Smith. “People responded to it, and they found it helpful.”

Following this successful trial run, ALEX has become a permanent fixture in Smith’s benefits toolbox. “It takes a lot of that stress and pressure and responsibility off of us for the decision support,” Smith explained. “I think it’s brilliant.” He’s shown his fellow brokers the demo and shared how well it went for this school district client. And now they’re excited to find new cases for ALEX, too.

“For the value, I mean, it’s a fantastic tool.” says Smith. “And I really think it’s something that could work for really any kind of group. That’s just amazing.”