How was your weekend? Good? Did you get to do that thing you wanted to do with those people you like so much? Nice.

Everybody here at Jellyvision had nice weekends too. How could we not? On Friday, we learned that ALEX on Making the Most of Your Plan was honored with a Bronze Digital Health Award in the Interactive Content/Rich Media category, and that Jellyvision is a finalist for the Illinois Technology Association’s 16th Annual CityLIGHTS Lighthouse Award.

The Lighthouse Award, for those of you not involved in the Illinois technology scene, honors growth-stage companies, which, through innovation in products and oh, my gosh, did it just get boring in here?

It got a little boring in here.

Sorry for that.

The point is, we’re up for a business award, and we’re very, very flattered.

We’re big fans of the Illinois Technology Association, and the judges panel, which include folks from places like Google, Optiver, Sprout Social, Groupon, and World Business Chicago, has a bunch of companies we admire.

Anyway, that’s all for awards talk for now. We’ll let you know if we win anything after the awards ceremony on September 17. If you want to participate in the public voting phase of the awards, head on over to and think nice, friendly thoughts about Jellyvision when you do.

See you September 17!


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