7 benefits yoga final copyAre you starting to feel some HR Work Stress¨ building up in your mind, body, and root chakra?

Luckily, we’ve got just the thing to restore your zen. Grab your yoga mat, put on your stretchiest pants, and try out some of these benefits yoga poses to de-stress and reinvigorate!

1) The Leaf of Absence

After a long day of writing emails and staring at screens, return to nature by folding yourself back into the “Leaf of Absence” pose–because sometimes you just need a break (and to lie on the ground like you’re an inanimate object for a little while).

2) The PPOpen Angle

You’re the preferred provider of your own happiness today, folks. If you open yourself up into the “PPOpen Angle” pose, you’ll also be open to whatever the universe has in store! Thirty unread emails? You can answer ’em! An urgent employee question? You’ve got it covered! A huge stack of boring paperwork? …ehhh, maybe that last one can wait until Monday.

3) The High (Deductible) Lunge

The “High (Deductible) Lunge” is all about balancing the highs and lows of life. When there are high deductibles, there will be low premiums. It all evens out in the end. So stretch your arms to the stars, let your worries slip away, and know that for every second you spend with searing pain in your glutes, the universe will grant you a second of sitting on your butt eating potato chips. Namaste.

4) The Pension Extension

Much like an employer contributes to a pension plan, your whole body must contribute to the “Pension Extension.” Your back, your knees, your neck, and your abs all need to do their share to get your hands around the bottom of your feet. Or to get your hands to touch your toes, if you’re a little less flexible. Or to get your hands to just graze the top of your knees, if you’re mostly into this yoga thing for the relaxing music and comfy clothes. Hey, no judgment here.

5) The COBRA

You don’t need to undergo a qualifying life event to enjoy the de-stressing qualities of the “COBRA” pose. Just lie on your stomach, push up on your hands, and feel all the tension in your back snap, crackle, and pop away. Bonus points if, while in this position, you hiss at passing coworkers.

6) The 401(k)ite

We all have plans in life–everything from retirement plans to plans for the weekend. Your plan for today may not have included falling on your face while attempting the “401(k)ite” pose, but the thing about plans is, they change whether we want them to or not. So pick yourself back up and try again. Er, actually, maybe get a Band-Aid first.

7) The HR Hero Pose

You did it! You successfully twisted your body into six benefits-themed yoga poses and lived to tell the tale! So now that you’re rejuvenated and refreshed, let’s assume the confidence-boosting “HR Hero” pose, and end our practice with a group chant. Repeat after me: “OhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmygoshI’msogladyogaisovernow.”