ALEX benefits blender crossword copyFeel like taking a little work-break today? Test your wits with our first-ever Benefits Blender Crossword Puzzle!

Here’s how you play: each clue is a mash-up of a benefits term and a pop culture word. So, if the clue read “Van Halen frontman + untaxed retirement plan,” the answer you’d put in the puzzle would be “David Lee Roth IRA.” Fun, right? We thought so! (Note that there are never spaces between letters; everything gets mashed up into one long phrase.)

The first person to complete the puzzle (or the person with the most correct answers, if nobody completes it) will win a fun, mystery prize–which will likely involve some fun ALEX swag and some fancy, fancy chocolate. If the image below is too hard for you to read, download a bigger file here. Please email your answers to ALEXmarketing(at)jellyvision(dot)com. Good luck!

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 12.10.02 PM

The clues:

1. Singer that made the song “Sentimental Journey” famous + A popular worksite benefit for working parents
3. A blue, fuzzy Muppet + the amount of time beyond normal hours an employee works
4. A sometimes confusing insurance form that explains benefits used + Blue Ivy’s momma
6. The amount you have to pay for your insurance policy every month + Rihanna’s #1 song of 2007
12. The busiest part of your year, HR pro + a candy that explodes in Diet Coke
13. A tax-friendly savings account + the “Lonely,” “Locked Up” rapper
14. A type of insurance plan that is usually accompanied by an HSA + the man Katniss needed to survive the Hunger Games
15. A blue pain pill you might take for your OE headaches (rhymes with “uh-Steve…”) + some time away from work

2. Atticus Finch’s daughter in To Kill A Mockingbird + the type of “maximum” that describes the total amount you’d have to pay for insurance before your plan covers it 100%
5. A cool person who helps companies with their benefits + a cool frog who declared “It’s Not Easy Being Green”
7. The “A” in FSA + Lemony Snicket villain
8. The most meme-tacular ex-Vice President of the USA + the medical plan you’d use to protect your pearly whites
9. A word usually followed by “Polo” in swimming pools + what you pay personally at a doctor’s appointment
10. Jeff Tweedy’s alt-rock band + the type of insurance companies offer employees for a short time after they leave their jobs
11. Health insurance plan that, unlike an HMO, allows you to get partially reimbursed for care you get from out-of-network doctors + Garfield’s canine frenemy