humorWe here at Team ALEX find ourselves asking some pretty serious questions about what’s funny. Questions like: What sort of humor is appropriate for employee benefits communications? What should be avoided? Does the context matter? Do the same rules apply across every kind of communication? Does Carrot Top do the benefits conference circuit, and, if so, what’s his hourly rate?

Anyway, since you, lovely HR person, will probably find yourself in the very near future sitting at a computer, creating all kinds of employee communications for open enrollment, we created an eBook that contains 5 tips for using humor without getting pie in your face. Here’s a taste…

1. Spend a minute putting yourself in the shoes of your intended audience–every single time you create something new. Sounds simple, but it takes real mental and emotional energy to do it. Ask yourself: what are most people’s default attitude about open/annual enrollment? What do they care about most? What probably annoys them the most? Thinking through your audience’s likely frame of mind–specific to the most important issues at hand–will help you better gauge what’s fair game to make a little light of (and what’s not).

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