If you’re like most brokers, pitching benefits communication tools is at the very bottom of your to-do list…if it’s on that list at all.

Maybe it’s not a priority for your clients. Maybe you’d love to focus more on it but get distracted during Q4. Maybe you’ve never really considered benefits communication consulting a part of your job.

Well, regardless of where you’re coming from, now’s the perfect time to push benefits communication more often, and more aggressively. Here are five business reasons why:

#1. You’ll get a leg up during new business pitches

Most American companies have two things in common: they spend a boatload on health care benefits and struggle to get their employees to engage with those (costly) benefits. So when you show up at a pitch meeting with a benefits communication tool proven to solve that nagging problem, you’re making it that much easier for a prospect to choose YOU.

#2. You’ll become more valuable to your existing clients…and harder to fire

Tough love time: If you provide the same Broker 101 services everyone does, you’re expendable. Introducing a new benefits communication strategy that helps your clients achieve their enrollment and participation goals gives your clients one more reason to work with you, year after year.

#3. You might be able to offset the cost with carrier technology credits

Your clients might be interested in a benefits communication upgrade, but wary about the price tag. Little known fact: you might be able to soften the financial blow (and be your client’s hero) by securing technology credits from their insurance carriers. If their health plan carrier doesn’t offer one, try reaching out to dental, vision, life, disability and voluntary benefits carriers too.

#4. You could save yourself tons of precious time during Q4

Think about how much time you spend in Q4 cranking out unique benefits booklets for EVERY SINGLE CLIENT, running up the mileage on your car, and conducting meeting after meeting after meeting. Now imagine all you have to do is lift one finger and point your clients’ employees to a benefits communication tool that does all that heavy lifting for you.

#5. You could save your clients a surprising amount of money

Employees who use helpful benefits communication tools (yes, like ALEX) are motivated to move into cost-saving HDHPs and contribute more to their HSAs and 401(k)s. When that happens, their employers save big on health care costs and payroll taxes, which makes both your HR clients and YOU look pretty dang smart.