fw-comm-advice-rest-of-2016-copyIn our free Ultimate Financial Wellness Communication Playbook, we share communication ideas you can borrow for every single month of 2016 to get the most bang for your FW communication buck. And here’s what we’d suggest you do to get the word out about your company 401(k)s and Financial Wellness initiatives for October, November, and December. (We’re giving them to you all at once so you have time to set things up in advance!)


Share open enrollment messaging

If your team is involved with sending out OE communications, we recommend sending out three emails:

  • Email #1 – Announcement Email (First day of OE)
  • Email #2 – Reminder Email #1 (Halfway through OE)
  • Email #3 – Reminder Email #2 (The day before OE ends)

If you’ll be sending a reminder postcard as well, try to ensure it arrives a few days after open enrollment has begun, so your employees can take immediate action.

Share holiday budget messaging

In early November, also consider sending out communication that offers tips on creating and sticking to a holiday budget over the next two months or so.

Here are two articles you might link them to:


Keep on preppin’ for open enrollment

In advance of open enrollment, keep looking for new ways to motivate your employees to take advantage of the tax-savings accounts and potential 401(k) matching programs your company offers. Like you, your employees are usually thinking about the bottom line. So why not use hard numbers to your advantage? For example: create fictional examples that lay out exactly how much money someone who takes advantage of your company’s 401(k) match stands to gain over 10, 20, or 30 years versus someone who doesn’t. To figure out the math, use this online 401(k) retirement calculator tool.

Consider asking someone in your design department to create an eye-catching graphic that drives home the difference.

Orientation and Onboarding

Send an email from your wellness team welcoming your new hires a few weeks after their first day on the job (i.e. after their heads have stopped spinning). Acknowledge the fact that a new job usually changes a person’s financial situation, and then provide links to your most popular financial wellness resources.

If you’ve created a newsletter, make sure to add your new hires to the list in time for the next issue.

Raises and Promotions

During salary review periods, consider sending out a communication reminding employees of the resources available to help them handle their new financial situation. With links, of course.