Quick! Name three ingredients that are in your tube of toothpaste! Now!

If you answered “Uhh…spearmint…crushed-up Smurfs…and one other thing?” you’re not alone. I genuinely can’t think of anything that sounds more boring to read than a big block of toothpaste ingredients with names like hydroxyapatite and sodium monofluorophosphate and chlorohexidine and kjfsakfjnakbs…oh my gosh sorry, I fell asleep writing that.

Here’s the thing: there’s also part of me that wants to know exactly what I’m putting on my teeth morning, night, and before a hot date, without having to Google a boring list of chemicals. What’s a diligent brusher to do?

Well, Kingfisher Toothpaste has a simple, effective, and undoubtedly delightful solution. Take a look:

Awesome, right? Not only does this make something as dull as toothpaste ingredients honestly kind of interesting (who knew there’d be palm oil and plant fiber in there?), but also, it tells label-readers in plain language what the ingredient is, what it does, and where it comes from.

You may have heard us say before that jargon is the enemy of good communication. The best thing about this Kingfisher Toothpaste tube is that it does a fantastic job of making a pretty complicated, science-y sounding list easy for anyone to understand. To those of us who strive for clearer communication, it’s a great reminder that when you have to use complicated vocabulary, you should explain it in plain terms, too.

Thanks for your awesome solution to a complex list of ingredients, Kingfisher. Your damn good communication has left our brains feeling minty-fresh!

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