This morning, while sipping coffee and checking emails, we were delighted to learn that Crain’s Chicago just voted Jellyvision a Best Place to Work for the second year in a row. Specifically, the magazine called us out as the #2 Best Place to Work for Generation Xers and the #3 Best Place to Work for Millennials!

Here are a few excerpts from the write-up:

On why twenty-somethings flock to Jellyvision and stay:

CEO Amanda Lannert: ‘It’s more that when you get here, you get your seat, you turn around, and you’re sitting next to someone who is flippin’ amazing. Everyone here is great, and there’s no room for divas.’

Mike Else, a 28-year-old junior technical producer: ‘There isn’t anybody here you can’t sit down with and ask questions or ask for help. You’re not just locked in a cubicle with a set of expectations and a to-do list.’

On why thirty- and forty-somethings and young parents like working at Jellyvision:

Staffers with kids have the freedom to manage family commitments, and ‘nobody is ever looking at the clock,’ says Sam Raue Hebert, Director of Production. ‘Because we hire those self-organized people, we give broad direction and let people fill in the blanks.’

Needless to say, we’re all humbled and grateful to be chosen. Thanks so much, Crain’s Chicago. We appreciate it!

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