Are you interested in getting ALEX for your employees…but you’re worried your company is too small to qualify?

Don’t be! Seriously.

Yes, we have some heavy-hitters on our client roster, including 114 in the Fortune 500.


  • Nearly 60% of all ALEX clients have fewer than 2,500 eligible employees
  • The average company size for this small-business group is 685 eligible employees
  • And some our clients have as few as 13 employees

In other words, smaller companies are much our bread and butter as their bigger (and bigger-budget-having) cousins.

So. Why choose ALEX if you’re a small to medium-sized company?

We’ll let some of our customers explain.


1. No matter how quirky or serious your company culture is, your employees are going to wig out (in the very best way)–about having such a helpful tool

Check out this case study about our client, Morningstar (1,500 eligible employees (EEs)).

And check some of these (very typical) testimonials:

“Thank you! We figured out our plan in 15 minutes, and ALEX took the intimidation of the process out of the way!”

“You are so natural. Thank you for not being a stuffy corporate gobbledygook presentation!”

“Excellent! The price estimator was very handy. I liked being able to change scenarios and see the results on dollar amounts.”

“I really enjoyed the humor and feeling like it was a real person talking to me.”


2. ALEX does an incredible job at communicating change

Employees faced with a new HDHP option feel a lot more comfortable making the switch after having a one-on-one interactive conversation with ALEX.

Montgomery College (1,900 EE’s) thought ALEX was “just phenomenal” when it came to helping its workforce under their new HDHP option. Read the case study.


3. ALEX can save companies (and their employees) real money

ALEX can drive big savings by reducing or eliminating printing, mailing, and travel costs–and significantly lowering employers’ exposure to the ‘Cadillac tax’–by moving people into higher deductible options.

ALEX did just that for Star Group (240 EEs). Read the case study.

(And if you’re feeling ambitious, check out this case study, too. It’s for Adobe, a bigger client.)


4. ALEX is extremely convenient for all employees–no matter their schedule or location

Because ALEX is available online around the clock, employees working in multiple locations or without easy access to their HR team or a computer, can access a personalized benefits conversation at their convenience.

Allianz (700 EEs) found ALEX to be super-useful, especially in reaching the workers at their 24/7 call center. Read the case study.


5. ALEX reduces stress and saves time for busy HR departments

Easy to understand and available to revisit year-round, ALEX significantly reduces calls, emails, and the need for HR departments to travel around giving benefits presentations (which also saves money).

ALEX did just that for our client APi Group (2,800 EEs). Read the case study.


If you’re interested in getting ALEX for your company, you’ve got two options:

#1. You can contact us directly to see a demo, chat about pricing, or whatever it is you’d like to learn more about.

#2. OR you can ask your friendly broker to get in touch with us and have THEM set up ALEX for you.

We work with hundreds of different brokers (including the likes of Gallagher, USI, Lockton) every day, and would be happy to add your broker to our list if we’re not already partnered up. So: if you do use a broker, point them in our direction. We’ll show them how to use our spiffy ALEX DIY portal create an ALEX conversation just for you. Which means one less thing for you to worry about!

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