Pat yourself on the back and pour yourself an adult beverage: you just enrolled 80-90% of your book of business in the last three months.

Now there’s just one last OE to-do: Email your clients a post-enrollment overview. Or even better: Run through the overview (gasp!) in person.

Some of you already do this. To you, I tip my cap. To those of you who skip this step because you’re too busy…please don’t!

It’s absolutely critical you remind your clients of all the blood, sweat and tears your team put into their OE–and, potentially, all the money you’re helping them save. If you don’t, you’re basically slam-dunking in an empty arena.

So what should this overview look like? A single double-sided, easy-to-skim page should do the trick. Most likely you’ll want to call out:

  • Their main OE goals, outcomes, things learned, and next steps
  • The tax benefits they and their employees received
  • How many policies employees signed up for
  • Any other relevant enrollment stats

You could make this page yourself (if that’s your jam). Or…you could just steal this editable, overview template I made for you:

Download the overview template now!