June 10, 2015 – Pulaski Park, 1 mile west of Jellyvision HQ, Chicago, IL


It had been two seasons of heartbreaking, winless softball. On Wednesday evening, the group of bug-busting, mug-missing, snack-inhaling misfits commonly referred to as the YOU DON’T KNOW JACKie Robinson team finally put all the pieces together and WON A GAME. Not only that, it was a shutout win by slaughter-rule. 10-0.

John Empfield got the fun started with a 3-run home run (that is still in the air somewhere) and the team never looked back. Tony Abraham showed off his wheels with an inside-the-park 2-run homer in the bottom of the 2nd and Molly Birka closed off the game in the 5th with a game-sealing RBI.

The team is currently in first place (by virtue of the fact that no other team has finished a game at the time this press release was written).

Final Score: YDKJR: 10Brody & the Sisterwives: 0

Attendance: 5 (DiFabio, Phalen, Henkel, Witt, & Karczewski)

Tickets for the game on 6/17 go on sale tomorrow at 10 AM CST.

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