Sometimes, the most innovative ideas can be found in the most unlikely places.

Like those parallel lines you park your car between. You know, ‘a parking spot.’ Sometimes they’re yellow. Sometimes white. Boom, done.

Except: not done:


Ingenious, right? By reimagining the parking spot as existing in three dimensions instead of two, and using clear visual communication, some mystery genius* managed to make the humble parking spot easier to navigate.

Most of us equate innovation with shiny new tech, but as this example proves so well, the best innovations are often nothing more than making a small change to something mundane. If you’re feeling inspired, you might even apply this thinking to something most people consider even more mundane than a parking spot: benefits communications.

What could you do to improve your team’s benefits emails, presentations, or guides? Where might you include visuals to make your messages more clear or engaging? By simply making a point to ask these questions, and sticking to only simple fixes, you might be surprised at how much more effective your content becomes.

* I don’t know where this photo was taken, much less who had the brilliant idea. That’s what you get when you find things on Reddit…

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