april FW 17 copyMonday, April 18

The tax deadline is April 18 this year(!), a fact being celebrated by procrastinators everywhere.

Monday morning, why not send a ‘Don’t Forget About Tax Day’ reminder email, with or without this link to The Best 10 Songs About Taxes.

Then, later in the week….

Send a follow-up email with the subject line ‘Wish your refund was bigger or smaller? Not sure how to spend the money?’

In this email:

  • Explain how employees can adjust the withholding information on their W-4s to bring their refund closer to zero; also link to the PDF of your state’s W-4 form
  • Remind employees about the tax benefits of using tax savings plans and retirement accounts…and link to any and all company resources that explain FSAs and HSAs–and let them sign up for (or change their contribution) to their 401(k). Or, if you have a resource like ALEX: Financial Wellness, shoot them a reminder link, for a refresher course.
  • Provide links to resources offering advice on smart ways to re-invest any tax day refunds

Hope this helps! Happy weekend!