Because sometimes it’s entertaining as hell.

Eat24, a food delivery service, has revolutionized the practice of fine print. Every week, Eat24 sends out an email with a coupon code, which comes with a few disclaimers.

Here’s how most companies handle that kind of fine print:

Typical fine print

Confusing terms, walls of text, boring, nitpicky details. Eat24 has managed to make the fine print easier to understand-and fun to read to boot.

Here’s an example from a recent email:

Eat24 fine print example

Here’s another example, just because their fine print is so darn good.

Another Eat24 fine print example

I get Eat24’s emails every week, and I actually look forward to reading the fine print. I believe that’s the first time that has happened in history of fine print, ever since cavemen were forced to note that their cave artwork was “not to scale.”

Imagine if all fine print was this written this well. Ads. Sales promotions. Contracts. Waivers. We’d all be better informed-and highly entertained.

Images: Eat24 fine print via Eat24

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