Peanut butter and jelly. Netflix and wine.

And now: Jellyvision and Castlight Health.

That’s right. Jellyvision and Castlight Health, a San Francisco–based company at the forefront of creating more transparency for health care consumers, have partnered to help employees make better benefits and health care spending decisions than ever before. Specifically, Castlight’s health care platform will now offer ALEX on Choosing Your Plan-Jellyvision’s delightful benefits decision support tool-to all mutual customers, helping to improve employee health and well-being, lower costs, and improve engagement.

We’re extremely excited to partner with a company that, like Jellyvision, is on a mission to eliminate confusion and anxiety from the health care experience of millions of employees through the creation of thoughtful, cutting-edge technology.

In fact, we have so much in common it’s just a matter of time before we’re finishing each other’s…


Read more about the partnership here.

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