7VacationAilments_315x215Now that summer vacation season is going full-tilt, we’d recommend you do your employees two favors:

  1. Send out a quick email reminding them how to use their out-of-network insurance in case they need medical care while they’re away
  2. As a fun little bonus, forward them this list of strange vacation ailments and injuries to try to avoid–and their equally strange cures….

1. Owl Neck: The spasms you get after violently swiveling your head for the 17th time to yell “HEY! ENOUGH!” at the kids.

Cure: Pressing a lukewarm can of soda into the sore area and/or a half-hearted neck massage from your life partner.

#2. Unnecessary Shark Panic: Became a thing when Discovery Channel started airing “Shark Week”.

Cure: Stop and think for a second. This is a lake in Wisconsin. 1000 miles from an ocean. Probably no sharks.

#3. Tarmac Elbow: Caused by the battle for the airplane armrest during a long flight delay.

Cure: Those tiny bottles of booze the flight attendants refuse to sell you.

#4. Exchange Rate Blindness: Overpaying for everything your whole trip because you thought a dollar was worth £1.60, not the other way around.

Cure: Re-take third grade math.

#5. Bottomless Mimosa Wrist: Repetitive stress condition prevalent at all-inclusive resorts.

Cure: Protective wristguard on your ‘mimosa hand”.

#6. Language Barrier Black Eye: You thought you ordered the halibut. You actually insulted the waiter’s mother.

Cure: Ask the kitchen for a bag of frozen peas. And by “ask” we mean “draw a picture on a napkin this time.”

#7. Roadside Fudge Sadness: You’ve eaten five different kinds, and you’re still not truly happy.

Cure: A sixth piece of roadside fudge?

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