national benefits day 2017As you may or may not know…Tuesday, April 2, 2019 is National Employee Benefits Day!

If you didn’t know, don’t worry. And if you do nothing, honestly, no one will notice.


If you want a great excuse to engage your employees about their benefits, consider doing just one fun, interesting thing on April 2. (Or, better yet, make the executive decision to celebrate National Employee Benefits Week.)

Here are four ideas:

#1. Email a short quiz about your company’s benefits to your employees and give out gift cards as prizes

For example:

  1. What is the time period during which you can enroll in your HSA and/or change your contributions?
  2. What is our company’s default 401(k) contribution percentage?
  3. Who helped found the first hospital in America?

Announce that the first few people to reply with the correct answers will win gift cards. And when you announce the winners, provide the correct answers to all.

2. Share fun treats

Have a food budget you could tap into? Why not deliver a few delicious 401(k)akes? Or cupcakes with HSA spelled out on them with frosting? Or, if you’d rather go healthy, some delicious energy bars or juices?

3. Conduct a pretend-interview with your company’s HSA, FSA or 401(k)

That’s right: pretend those benefits are a person with a personality and ask them questions. Then sneak in helpful information about them in their answers.

4. Do something fun with your team

Whether you have time to do something employee-facing or not, use this week as an excuse to have fun with your HR pals. You might consider:

Want more information on National Employees Benefits Day?

Go here.