Break out the shamrocks, lasses and laddies! It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and that means it’s time to let loose. Maybe you’re going to pour yourself some Lucky Charms in the morning and call it a day. Maybe you’re meeting some friends at your local pub tonight. Or maybe you’re going to spend all weekend covered head-to-toe in green body paint, wearing the Irish wool sweater your gram-gram got you back in ’98 and playing “Shake It Off” on the bagpipes.

There’s no wrong way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but with all the extra leprechaun mischief this holiday brings, you should be prepared for anything… including unexpected medical expenses. Lucky (get it?) for you, the pot o’ gold you’ve got stored away in your tax-savings accounts can totally cover the costs of any Patty’s Day bumps and bruises. Here are just a few ways your HSA most likely has you covered if things go awry this weekend:

At a family St. Patty’s party? Did your great-aunt Margaret break the skin when she pinched you because you forgot to wear green? Good thing your HSA covers bandages!

Worried you ate way too much corned beef and not enough cabbage this St. Patrick’s Day? You can check for yourself, since your HSA covers cholesterol tests!

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the very, very old-fashioned way? As in, driving snakes out of Ireland just as the original Patrick did? Well… you’re weird, but okay. If you get bit, your HSA covers hospital visits!

More into the magical side of March 17th? Want your vision to be in tip-top shape to aid in your hunt for leprechaun gold at the end of a rainbow? No worries: your HSA covers Lasik eye surgery!

Did you throw out your back from all that bending down to collect four-leaf clovers? Yikes. Guess they weren’t so lucky after all. You’ll be okay, though, because your HSA covers chiropractic services.

Marching in a parade with a thousand of your closest friends this St. Patrick’s Day? You can dance a jig along the whole route without worrying about sore feet, since your HSA covers orthopedic shoes!

Had a really good time at the pub last night? Like… too good of a time? Like, it’s a little hard to deal with the sunlight hitting your eyes right now? Rest easy, because your HSA covers prescription sunglasses!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all—and don’t forget to wear green!