email blocker

This high-tech gadget relieves stress by blocking your overflowing email inbox from view. Need a break? Just apply the Blocker™ to your computer screen and watch as your emails, to-do list, and really everything else on there fades out of sight.

Enroll THIS! Brand T-shirts

This t-shirt company makes the shirts that say exactly what you’re thinking.

YOU 2.0

Does OE have you wishing you could be in two places at once? No worries! YOU 2.0 goes wherever you can’t. Just program the machine with one of FOUR different pre-recorded phrases, prop it up with some books so it doesn’t fall over, and watch as YOU 2.0 does the work the real you can’t.

The Coffee Bucket

Is this an elegant solution? No. Does it get the job done? Better than you could ever imagine. Fashioned from a repurposed metal bucket and capable of holding 40 times the amount of a normal coffee cup, this is the travel mug you’ve been longing for.

Big Net

Yup, this is a big ol’ net like the Looney Tunes use. Look, it’s not the most graceful way to do things, but there are just some people who aren’t going to enroll in their benefits until they’ve been captured in a big net and held hostage in an empty conference room for a few hours.

My Bad

In lieu of the sixth item, our legal counsel has informed me that I need to apologize for the last item and make it clear that neither Jellyvision nor ALEX condone the capturing and keeping of coworkers by way of large nets, small nets, snares, bear traps, holes in the ground covered up with leaves so they just look like more ground, lassos, secret bookcases, or any other such devices.

Out-of-Office Sign

Hang this on the door when you feel like you’re ready to throw in the towel. Take a walk outside, get yourself a treat, and take a deep breath. You’re doing great!

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