We’re growing like gangbusters here at Jellyvision, which is why we’re looking for a few smart salespeople to help us continuing growing our business in 2020…and beyond! In particular, we’re looking for nice, hard-working folks eager to help us set demo meetings for ALEX, our popular employee communication platform…as a Business Development Representative (or BDR).

So why might working for Jellyvision, and pitching ALEX to HR folks be the best job you’ve ever had?

Here are six reasons:

#1. Jellyvision’s work culture is one of the very best in Chicago (or the country for that matter)

We get a lot of press for company traditions like Pajama Day or Mustache Day, and for being called a Best Place to Work in Chicago the past six years, and (why not keep going?) for having free yoga classes, and weekly catered meals. And let’s face it, that stuff is pretty fun. But at its core, our culture isn’t so much about these perks as it is about working hard, being extraordinarily helpful, and having as much fun as possible.

So yes, the actual phone work you’d be doing here is similar to the actual phone work you might do elsewhere. But the quality of your work life, and the colleagues that come rolled up in that work? We double-dare you to find better.

Want a glimpse into our world? Watch this video to meet a few awesome ALEX BDRs—and to learn about what makes the sales culture at Jellyvision unique:

#2. We really mean it about work-life balance…and flexible schedules

As for your workday schedule, you’ll need to hit the phones during the regular business hours of the prospects on your list, of course. Sorry, night owls. No way around that.

However, if you want to work from home, or from a whole other state for that matter, have at it! And if you’re wondering about our vacation policy…we don’t have one. As long as you’re meeting your goals, you’re free to take off whatever time you need—no forms, or hours-tallying required. (P.S. Our CEO, Amanda Lannert, feels so strongly about the importance of work flexibility, she wrote an article about it. Check it out here; the third talking point is the most relevant.)

#3. SaaS tech is booming

The SaaS (Software as a Service) technology industry we belong to is booming, with no signs of slowing down. (Here’s proof!) And if you’re worried that a company that’s tripled in size in the past six years might be some iffy fly-by-night operation that could collapse any second…know that Jellyvision has been in existence for more than twenty years.

The point here? A talented BDR is going to have some success no matter what industry she’s in. But she’s probably going to feel a little less anxious about her future if her employer is a company with a proven track record in an industry that’s going forward, not backwards.

#4. Our BDR teams are as collaborative as they are competitive

No question, our BDRs are competitive and driven by incentives. They are humans who enjoy money, as we all do. But the foundation for our team’s success is a spirit of support and collaboration.

Case in point: during weekly stand-up meetings, we openly share challenges we’re facing, role-play, talk through ways to bust through objections, and build each other up. Plus, on a daily basis, BDRs share their wins on our BDR-Slam Slack channel, a treasure trove of silliness, random gifs, custom emoticons, and woo-hoooooos!!

#5. Jellyvision’s leadership seriously values how critical (and tough) the work of a BDR is—and loves promoting BDR superstars

At some companies, the day to day grinding a BDR does is seen as “less than.” The account execs who do the closing: they’re the ones that matter.

Not here.

Without good meetings, we can’t land good clients. And that begins with the BDR team. A number of former BDRs have gone on to senior positions here (and quickly). As a result, our recruiters hire BDRs with an eye towards their potential to grow into other roles—mentors to new BDRs, future members of the Account Executive team, and managers.

#6. We invest in the very best sales technology

As a tech company, we strongly believe in the importance of having the best tools available to you so you can do your best work. So we’ve made sure to offer our BDR teams the software and programs that help them be more productive, more organized, and more engaged in their work. Some of the stuff we all use includes Salesforce, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Outreach.io, call-tracking software, and homegrown software that tracks the progress of the team.

So…are you someone who has BDR’ed before? Are you someone who’s done a stint in sales but didn’t love the culture for whatever reason? Are you a super-green recent college grad looking to learn the business from the ground up?

This just might be the job for you!

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