This past year, Jellyvision channel manager Courtney Flannery asked dozens of brokers of every type and size to tell her about their clients’ most pressing benefits communication needs.

In this excellent article for BenefitsPro, “6 Broker Trends to Watch in 2018”, Courtney shares what she’s been hearing, and offers practice advice on what brokers can do to meet those needs as effectively and quickly as possible.

Here’s one of the six trends to watch, to give you a taste:

HDHP education

What brokers tell me: They’re feeling pressure from their clients to provide HDHP education and decision support to benefit-novice employees who see the words ‘high deductible’ and run for the hills. Whether they’re being asked to introduce a new HDHP or to increase enrollment figures for existing plans, brokers everywhere are trying to find moves beyond premium increases to add to their repertoires.

What you can do: While ‘providing education’ seems like a simple enough solution, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one simple fact–employees don’t want HDHP education. They want to vacation on a sunny beach. They want to be discovered on ‘The Voice.’ They don’t want an HDHP-choosing seminar when their old co-pay plan seems to work just fine. When shopping for solutions, look to products that can make the process easier.

In other words, you don’t want something employees must sit through in order to understand choices they’ll make later on. You want to provide that understanding in the moment of the decision. Which plan is cheapest? Which covers all my needs for this year? What’s going to happen if I get hit by a bus?

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