3-webinars-oe-copyIs your open enrollment coming up in a few weeks or months? Are you a company with between 200 – 5,000 employees? Could the benefits communications you plan on sending them use some spicing up…or maybe even a total makeover?

If so, make sure to check out one of our popular webinars on great benefits communication below–available now as a watch-anytime recording…and totally FREE.

Here’s what you can expect to learn, if you take a lunch break to check these out:

Webinar #1: The Secret to a Successful Open Enrollment? Think Like a Marketer

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bobaLearn how even the smallest, scrappiest of HR teams can use the communication strategies used by the country’s best marketers to connect with your employees to make smarter benefits decisions.

Whether you’re rolling out a new plan, offering new voluntary benefits, trying to increase usage in a retirement or tax-savings plan, or something else entirely–this webinar will give you immediately useful plug-and-play advice for getting through to even your hardest-to-reach employees.

Runs 44 minutes. Hosted by Jellyvision CMO Bob Armour.


 Webinar #2: 7 Tips for Using Humor to Make Your Open Enrollment Communications More Effective (No Joke!)

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david-daskalIn this popular webinar, you’ll find out what behavioral science research has to say about humor and learning, get 7 practical tips for incorporating appropriate humor into your benefits communication strategy in a way that gets the results you want, and be forced to endure delighted by a bunch of really bad great jokes.

Runs 32 minutes. Hosted by Jellyvision communication expert David Daskal.


Webinar #3: Beating Benefits Bewilderment: What Smart HR Departments Can Do to Engage and Educate Employees Better

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Learn how to get your employees to listen during enrollment season, understand tricky concepts, and make better benefits choices. Specifically, we’ll be sharing both high-tech and low-tech ways to:

  • Make benefits communications exciting for employees
  • Communicate benefits in plain English
  • Personalize benefits communication
  • Provide meaningful guidance–and more!

Runs 27 minutes. Hosted by the one-two punch of Jellyvision communication experts Chris O’Brien and Molli Warsh.


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