New Survey Post 1_rev copyEver wish you could read your employees’ minds and figure out exactly what would make them perk up for your benefits messaging? Well, though we can’t give you any telekinesis tips, we can offer you this 30-page survey report, What Your Employees Think About Your Benefits Communication: New Research from Jellyvision conducted by Harris Poll. That’s right–this is original research based on interviews with more than 2,000 full-time employees about what workers last year thought about the way their employers talked to them about their benefits. Specifically, it gives insights into:

  • How your current stuff is working (or not)
  • What employees think about your communication channels
  • To what degree employees are hungry for more help
  • And what engages them and what doesn’t

There’s a ton to dig into, but for now, here are 3 findings we thought were especially interesting:

#1. More than half of employees say they’d like help from their employer when choosing a health plan.

Interestingly, 86% of employees surveyed said they understand their company’s overall health insurance plan offerings. However, at the same time, 56% said they would like help from their employer when choosing a health plan–16% strongly so, 40% somewhat so.

#2. Among those whose company offers health insurance, about 4 in 10 (41%) feel the open enrollment process at their company is extremely confusing.

Yup. And even more (49%) said making health insurance decisions is always very stressful.

#3. When employees understand how HDHPs really work, they’re far more likely to have positive feelings towards them.

What are the numbers on this, you ask? Well…

27% of HDHP-knowledgeable employees say HDHPs are affordable compared to 11% of HDHP Not-Very-or-Not-at-All-Knowledgeable employees

30% of HDHP-knowledgeable employees say HDHPs are a good value compared to 6% of HDHP Not-Very-or-Not-at-All-Knowledgeable employees

18% of HDHP-knowledgeable employees say HDHPs offer good coverage compared to 3% of HDHP Not-Very-or-Not-at-All-Knowledgeable employees

16% of HDHP-knowledgeable employees say HDHPs are dependable compared to 4% of HDHP Not-Very-or-Not-at-All-Knowledgeable employees


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