Get the scoop on recent enhancements to ALEX HSA and Chat to make ALEX work even better for you.

It’s been quite the year. And as much as we’re sick of our apartment walls, that hasn’t stopped the Jellyvision team from churning out some fresh enhancements to ALEX, our benefits engagement platform. 

In addition to accessibility updates so our features meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance, we have a slew of new upgrades to our HSA product, ALEX HSA, and our smart chatbot, Chat. Read on for the latest enhancements and get a first look at what’s in the works!

Design updates for a more user-friendly experience 

ALEX HSA has an updated look and feel to make it more engaging and easy to use for your employees.

Now, employees will see a more comprehensive task list when they log into their account. This helps emphasize certain actions they should be taking to better save and spend their HSA dollars. Plus, they can easily shuffle through the content that’s most appealing to them. When your employees click on an action item, a pop-up window appears to help direct them to the next cost-saving action, offering a more interactive experience. They can even see their progress so they know how much content is left for them to review.

Our new partnership with HSA Store

One of the biggest challenges ALEX HSA addresses is a lack of understanding around HSAs—and that goes for helping employees understand what they can spend their funds on. 

To help, we’ve got a new partnership with HSA Store—a one stop-shop for HSA-eligible items—to not only help them save money on timely necessities (who else needs SPF 110 since lockdown?) but to also use their account as an opportunity to educate them on what items are considered HSA or FSA eligible. Your non-sunburnt employees will thank you.

Personalized messages to boost engagement

One of the ways in which ALEX will help you double down on engagement this year is by sending your employees personalized messages based on their behaviors. 

This means for employees who have an ALEX HSA account, ALEX will send them emails to remind them to take certain cost-saving actions and use their account to the fullest potential. For example, if someone hasn’t logged in for 45 days, ALEX will nudge them to do so. Based on employee interactions this year, we’ll be able to develop even better ways for ALEX to communicate with your employees in the future. 

First look: Chat is coming to ALEX HSA

What’s that? You’ve answered “how much can I put in my HSA?” how many times? Fear not. We’re adding our very own chatbot, Chat, to ALEX HSA so you never have to answer that question (and others like it) again. 

With Chat built into our HSA product, your employees will have another layer of helpfulness right inside their account—one that knows your benefits information and cost-saving tools inside and out. Chat will continue to answer common benefits-related questions for you and drive awareness and engagement for your money-saving programs. Does the HSA you have now do that?

First look: Transaction data offers a more targeted HSA experience

We’re working with our partner, HSA Bank, to understand just how much money your employees are spending on HSA-eligible items and even medical services. 

This means ALEX will have access to their spending and transaction data so he can tailor the consumerism content tied to their account even further. For instance, if an employee is making regular purchases at their local drugstore, ALEX can use that information as an opportunity to engage them with a quick tip on saving with generic medications (vs. brand name) and even point them to your company’s prescription savings tool. Pretty neat, right?

Reduce costs with the only HSA that guides smart benefits behaviors—ALEX HSA.

Emphasis on mental health when employees launch Chat

HR teams have made it clear that the mental wellbeing of their employees is a big focus this year. So, we’ve been exploring new ways to promote your mental health programs and services—including with Chat. 

Now, when your employees use Chat, one of the first default questions that appears prompts them to find out how mental health is covered under their insurance plan. If they show interest, Chat follows up with a suggestion for them to look into other EAP programs you offer, helping them feel supported while your mental health priorities are met.  

New content topics including: chronic care management, parental leave, and vision benefits

Chat learns from your employees using a combination of machine learning and natural language processing. It looks for keywords such as “diabetes” or “hypertension” in employee questions so it can respond appropriately. 

Now, we’ve added a variety of new content around topics including those two conditions. If you offer a chronic condition management program like Livongo, Chat will promote those services as employees ask about diabetes or hypertension coverage and encourage them to enroll in the program on the spot. Similarly, if your employees ask about parental leave or vision coverage, Chat will inform them of your policies, ensuring your employees’ are in-the-know and you see good usage of the programs you offer.

New information to help new hires know how and when to enroll 

Joining a new company is a major life change, one that typically comes with an avalanche of questions for your HR team. That’s why we’ve added new content to Chat to answer your new hires’ burning questions and help them feel at home (even if they’re already working at home). 

Now, when they ask questions related to new hire enrollment in Chat, Chat helps them understand where to go and when and how to enroll. Chat will also direct them straight to Benefits Counselor and share your HR contact information in case they need anything else.

Personalized messages to boost engagement

ALEX HSA accountholders aren’t the only ones who will start receiving personalized messages from ALEX—Chat users will too!  

For your employees who create an ALEX ID, ALEX will have their information saved so he can send personalized messages that keep them engaged in their benefits and nudge cost-saving actions. This year, emails from ALEX will be mainly focused on driving your employees to use Chat (don’t forget to ask Chat all your questions!) so you have more time to do the other 95 things on your list. Our long-term goal is to automate these messages based on certain actions within the ALEX platform. 

First look: Integrate Chat into third-party platforms to drive usage

So far, our customers are excited to have a chatbot as their first line of defense against repeat benefits questions. But Chat is only as helpful as when employees see and use it. 

So, we’re researching all the different places, platforms, and third-party sites (did someone say Slack?) Chat can potentially live to ensure employees see it and use the tool, whenever possible. Stay tuned as we uncover these golden opportunities to embed Chat within your systems!  

That’s all folks—stay tuned for more upgrades we have up our sleeves for later this year!

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