Newsletter Email and Terrible Headline Disease

Newsletter-Style Email and Terrible Headline Disease

Justyn Harkin Benefits Communication

Newsletter Email and Terrible Headline DiseaseIs Terrible Headline Disease tearing your family apart? Probably not. But it might be making your newsletter email a LOT harder to read and understand, and isn’t that cause enough for concern?

Today on The Communications Breakdown, I’m going to show you a newsletter-style email that’s suffering from the dreaded Terrible Headline Disease, a condition that can actually make strong content look much worse than it actually is.

Whether you’re writing newsletter email headlines to organize content or to break up longer blocks of text, you need to structure your headlines and sub-headlines in a way that catches the reader’s attention and gets them excited about the content they’re about to read.

It’s not a hard task at all, but it does require a little more effort than writing a one-word summary of the content. Watch today’s video and see what I mean:

Oh, and if you want to take a closer look at the Before and After versions of the email draft, go ahead and click away.


Have you ever written a one- or two-word headline for one of your newsletter emails? Have you ever done it in (gasp!) print? Share your experience the comments section below.

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