Three Reasons ALEX is an Amazing Onboarding Tool, Too

Mark Rader Benefits Communication

If you’re familiar with ALEX at all, you probably think of him as an open enrollment lifesaver (which he is).

But ALEX is equally effective at helping your new hires select their benefits during your company’s pre-boarding or onboarding periods, as organizations like Baylor College of Medicine have found out firsthand.

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To back up this bold claim, here are three reasons to consider ALEX as your new onboarding ace-in-the-hole:

1. ALEX saves HR departments time, hassle, and money

Because ALEX is so good at explaining normally confusing benefits information–and because the conversation is available online year-round–ALEX significantly reduces calls, emails, and the need for HR departments to travel around giving benefits presentations (which also saves money).

“ALEX is a communication solution that pays for itself. I’m a huge, huge fan of ALEX.”

Shannon Swanson – Benefits and Wellness Director, APi Group

2. ALEX helps ensure your new hires hit the ground running – and have a more positive onboarding experience

According to an onboarding survey we conducted, nearly 74% of employees say they expect benefits information and instructions before the start of their first day. Companies who use ALEX can send a link to an ALEX conversation well in advance of Day One, helping provide employees a more comfortable enrollment experience, and a more seamless transition into their new job.

“ALEX lets us provide new hires with benefits information before their start dates so they have time to make educated benefits decisions.”

Robin Vickers – Benefits Manager, Baylor College of Medicine

3. Employees (and employers) just really love using ALEX

It’s true. Almost 90% of ALEX users say they appreciate and understand their benefits better after using it. And ALEX’s Net Promoter Score (a measure of customer loyalty) is a whopping 74%, even higher than that of beloved brands like Apple and Southwest Airlines.

“ALEX is both helpful and genuinely fun. You can’t say that about any other benefits tool I’m aware of.”

Melissa Dulin – Benefits Program Manager, Comcast