My Top Three HR Tech Recommendations for 2018

Dawn Burke Benefits Communication, Industry Insights

If you’re an HR pro, it’s no secret you can’t do your job without a few great software platforms to support you and your busy team. The trick is figuring out what you really need.

There’s a lot of noise in the HR tech space, which can make that hard to figure out. But I’m happy to report there’s a whole lot of awesome, too. (In fact, I saw a bunch of it when I attended The HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas this year.)

Of all the awesome I saw, three categories in particular stood out as not only super-cool, but the kind of HR tech that companies of every size and type can benefit from–and likely afford.

Here they are!

#1. Digital Communication Tools

Email is a great way to communicate to your workforce, but these days it’s not enough. These are three types of more sophisticated communication tools to consider:

Benefits communication tools

Benefits are a huge component to your employees’ total compensation package and overall wellbeing. Effective digital benefits communication tools (yes, like ALEX) can be used to prepare employees for open enrollment and educate and onboard employees year round.

Video communication platforms

A lot of the instant messaging tools your company already uses (HipChat and Slack, for example) already have a video component built in. So use it! And if your company doesn’t have a video messaging tool, budget for one. I know this may be outside the scope of HR, especially if it’s a company-wide tool. But at the very least, HR needs something like this to communicate with candidates. So budget at least for that function. Skype works like a charm. Zoom is even better.

Electronic handbook software

Oh man. Printed handbooks are the worst. They’re easy to lose track of and impossible to update on the fly, which makes them a really bad way to get up-to-date info to your employees.

Luckily, you can solve those problems pretty easily with electronic handbooks–and do cool stuff like collect electronic confirmation signatures in real time, too boot! If you’re interested, I’m a big fan of Blissbook, in particular. They believe handbooks should be super-accessible (i.e. not full of legalese) and they provide step by step advice on how to build your own with templates you can customize as you see fit.

#2. Cultural Assessment & Engagement Tools

Whether you use these to truly measure and improve engagement, to better understand your culture, or just to get a pulse on how the organization feels about certain topics, every HR team should have an engagement tool. These can push out everything from robust engagement/culture surveys, to quick, one-question ‘pulses’, to daily check-ins for teams.

If you want to dip your toe in the water, SurveyMonkey is a good place to start. For more bells and whistles, try WorkXO, QuestionPro’s Workforce, Marcus Buckingham/ADP StandOut, TinyPulse, or Irevu.

#3. Immigration Compliance Software

Navigating the immigration application and renewal process is necessary but kind of awful. It’s a time suck, it’s expensive, and it’s incredibly stressful for the applicant. Oh, and when HR gets things wrong, the stakes are incredibly high for the applicant. (Deportation is no joke.)

One of the coolest and most practical software solutions I’ve seen that tackle this challenge is Envoy. If you deal with immigration matters even occasionally, this (or something similar) should be at the top of your get-list.

Anyway, there you have it! As you’re putting together your 2018 budgets, I’d recommend looking into these categories NOW. And for some other great insights into the wide world of HR tech options, download this excellent ALEX eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Right HR Tech for Your Company.

Happy budgeting!

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