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5 Real-Life Raves from First-Time ALEX Customers…And How You Can Still Become One Too

Mark Rader Benefits Communication

5 ALEX Raves imageMany new ALEX customers will soon be getting to see firsthand how helpful ALEX is…and how much their employees love using it. (Answer: a lot.)

Often these new ALEX customers are so thrilled about the raves they’re hearing from their employees, not to mention the ROI results they’re seeing, that they can’t help but write to us and share their excitement.

Here are a few chestnuts from the past few years (with company and employee names redacted for privacy).


#1. “ALEX is a real hit.”

From: The total rewards manager of a major national investment firm

To: Our VP of Sales

Subject: Getting good feedback

I don’t often get nice emails from employees – comp and ben leaders tend to not make too many friends – but Alex is a real hit. My wife hates talking about work stuff, but quickly took the laptop from me yesterday and was engaged in understanding our plans and choices. We’re already seeing migration from the PPO to the HDHP, and we are just one day in.

So it looks like you’ve earned your keep at this point. Well done. Keep it up and I might even tell others. 🙂

#2. Our employees are raving about ALEX on Chatter

From: The benefits administrator of a well-known national retailer

To: Anna  (ALEX Account Manager)

Subject: Re: Alex

Hi Everyone,

Thought I would share some of the positive feedback retail is providing about Alex. Below are some comments on Chatter and an email at the end from a District Manager.


Daniel M.

If anyone hasn’t logged in to use Alex yet….DO IT!!! I feel 1000% more knowledgeable about the benefits package myself and my family picked for 2016!

Yesterday at 2:05 PM

Daniel P.

I completely agree Danny! Used it last night. It was Awesome!

Today at 11:46 AM

M. V.

I used Alex and he was so helpful! I learned a couple things too 🙂 Was quick and easy!

September 16, 2015 at 11:11 AM

Thomas R.

I used Alex today, I loved it/him! Very helpful!

September 16, 2015 at 2:52 PM

Edward L.

Alex is GREAT! Made changing my plan so much easier!

September 17, 2015 at 5:56 AM

Nicole S.

Loved using Alex! Thank you!

September 19, 2015 at 9:17 AM

Seriously pushed the easy button! Can we hire him for WFM?!

#3. “Wonderful reviews thus far.”

From: The senior manager of global benefits at a major credit institution

To: Beth  (ALEX Sales Rep)

Subject: Hi!

Hi Beth,

Our ALEX launch has gone over tremendously – we opened our annual enrollment yesterday, and have had wonderful reviews thus far. In fact, I just gave your contact information to [X] in our Marketing Department. Have a great day!

#4. “Alex is brilliant!”

From: The benefits manager of an Atlantic state government

To: Craig (Sales Director)

A note passed on from an employee: ‘It’s your old Mandatory Training team member, Peggy. I have no idea who makes the decision over our benefits and such, but you’re the only person I know in HR, so you’re the lucky one. I have eleven years of experience in group commercial health insurance. Ten with [X] and one with an agency. Alex is brilliant! I wish we had had the service when I was still in the business. It would have made benefits meetings so much easier!’

Also, attached to this note was the benefits manager’s own happy note:

“A good friend of ours from Columbus, Ohio, was in town on business this week and stayed with us. Last night over dinner he asked me what I was working on and I mentioned the CDHP launch. He said “let me tell you about this great tool that my wife’s company got when they launched theirs this year.” Of course, he went on to describe ALEX. His wife works for [X], a utility company which is apparently a client of yours.”

#5. Your implementation experts made the implementation process…fun

From: The benefits manager of national non-profit

To: Katie  (ALEX Sales Rep)


John [our Implementation Expert] is fantastic! As I told him, I am sorry this implementation is so efficient because it has been so rewarding and such a pleasure. John has the outstanding talent of keeping us on track and engaged while entertaining us. He has been extremely accommodating also. I presented a demo of ALEX during our HR staff meeting this morning and got rave reviews. I can’t wait for the first group of new hires.