How ALEX Helped Adobe Save $4.7 Million

Mark Rader Benefits Communication

In 2014, Adobe Systems, a technology company with 6,000 U.S.-based employees, used ALEX to great success in migrating their employees into a new HDHP plan with an HSA. Here’s their story:


Adobe was no stranger to consumer-directed health plans. Moving to CDHPs had been part of the Adobe strategy for years. It offered an HRA plan prior to benefits year 2014, and knew it would be including HSA plans as part of its future offerings at some point.

Then came the Affordable Care Act. Because of the way its PPO plan was structured, Adobe realized it faced a tax liability of $5 million in 2018 alone. Over a four-year period, that was going to compound to some $50 million. Something had to be done.

‘It was very apparent to us that our PPO plan needed to go away, and that we needed to somehow migrate people out of that plan.’

–Rosemary Ariada-Keiper
Senior Director of Rewards, Adobe Systems

How ALEX Helped

Adobe couldn’t rely on plan design changes alone to achieve its migration goals, so it turned to ALEX to provide employees with the kind of guidance and decision support that would let them see the value of enrolling in the HSA plan for themselves.

And see the value they did. In fact, thanks to ALEX’s support, 62% of Adobe’s workforce took up the new HSA plan, an outcome that reduced the tech company’s ACA tax liability by $4.7 million.

‘Because so many employees left our PPO plans and migrated over to the HSA, our 2018 tax liability went from $5 million to $300,000. It’s amazing. And we still have until 2018 to keep impacting that plan.’

–Rosemary Ariada-Keiper
Senior Director of Rewards, Adobe Systems