Now This Is How You Give a Company Presentation

June 5, 2014 | Melanie Chapman | Behind the Scenes | 9 Comments

You’ve probably sat through your share of dull company presentations. Yawn, doodle, drool.

Luckily, most Jellyvision presentations are pretty un-boring—we’re big fans of the GIF and the humorous aside. But even we haven’t had a presentation quite like this before.

Kudos to our very own Jason Knox and Dave Daskal for showing us how to entertain while educating. And for shakin’ that thang.

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  1. Outrageous!

    Steve Tomaszewski | | Reply
  2. This is amazing. Also, any presentation that ends with balloons falling from the ceiling is a success in my book.

    Sarah Arel | | Reply
    • I agree! I’m going to take that one step further and suggest that balloons falling from the ceiling should be a part of more life moments. Like, “It’s the second Tuesday of the month…cue the balloons!”

      Melanie Davis | | Reply
  3. That was just an awesome way to end a presentation!! Wakes everyone up and gets them motivated to continue to work. You guys continue to rock on!!!

    Melissa Arroyo | | Reply
    • Thanks Melissa!

      Melanie Davis | | Reply
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  5. Great fun! It’s good to know you can still have fun at work.

    Denise | | Reply
  6. WOW! Seems like such a fun environment to work in! Great job with the presentation!

    Selma Kijamet | | Reply
  7. What an awesome way to end a presentation. Even more awesome that you shared it with us. Thanks!

    Leslie | | Reply

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