Taylor Clausen bio pic

Taylor Clausen

Taylor’s childhood was your typical coming-of-age story of a Midwestern boy: eating lots of lasagna, admiring Ahmad Rashad’s impeccable highlight delivery on Inside Stuff, and drawing lizards wearing red capes. After failing to make the Italian national basketball team, he naturally decided to study theology and work on his shoe collection. His brief stint as a backup dancer for Destiny’s Child affirmed his life calling to “dance like everyone is watching.”

He’s a sucker for a good story, pretends to be a pro golfer, and has a propensity to make too many “toasts” at dinner parties. His career as an Account Manager allows him to do what he loves—have conversations with fascinating people, tell Dad jokes, and help solve problems.

Why I like to work at Jellyvision

The people are a rare mixture of smart/kind/funny. Everyone I work with is a smart/kind/funny rock star—how many people can say that?