Sara Trice bio pic

Sara Trice

Sara is absolutely the most normal, everyday person you’ll ever meet. There’s really nothing odd or threatening about her (wat). At night, she relaxes by knitting socks (no I don’t) and watching reality shows (what is wrong with you) while sitting by the fireplace (don’t even have a fireplace). Her two cats are sweet and cuddly all the time (seriously, they’re miniature tyrants) and on weekends, she likes to shop at the mall (only if I’m starring in Dawn of the Dead). Yep, totally normal. (Are you kidding me, I’m a bellydancer and science fiction fan.) She loves wintertime in Chicago. (Okay shut up SHUT UP I am moving to Bora Bora at my first opportunity.) Look, I am trying to paint a pleasant picture of you. (Oh come on, I’m a Rails Engineer, who’s going to believe any of this.) Alright, fine, you don’t want my help, I’ll just go. (That’s fine by me.) Fine. (Fine.) FINE. (FINE.)

And she definitely does not have Lewis Black as the voice of her conscience.

Why I like to work at Jellyvision

The people are welcoming and very helpful. If you ask for help, someone is always willing to lend a hand, or find the right person to do so. Oh, and free bananas.