Melanie Chapman

Melanie is terrified of aliens. Let’s just get that out of the way, because if you’re around her for longer than an hour she will likely ask you if you think some external stimulus is aliens.

In addition to being a professional worrywart, Melanie is a writer and marketer, who studied advertising at the University of Illinois and has previously wielded words for marketing agencies and a tech company. She is now charged with sharing Jellyvision’s knowledge and raison d’être with the world, which is pretty darn neat.

Her second favorite topic next to “is that aliens?” is NBA basketball. She has opinions on everything from the Bulls (the greatest) to Hack-a-Shaq (leave it, even she can make a free throw and she has T-Rex arms) to NBA fashion (go out and get yourself a solid gold bow tie NOW; all the 6’7″ freak athletes are doing it).

Why I like to work at Jellyvision

I think helping people understand things better is noble—or at the very least, won’t contribute to the destruction of our planet. And the people are smart, friendly and all-around magnificent.