Maria Saenz

On the southside of Chicago, where Maria was born and raised, she was listening to House music and tinkering with her computer. Then all of the sudden it just stopped working! Frantic, she delved into trying to find out why and realized that it probably was the five or more viruses she had infected it with accidentally. She went from trying to fix computers to updating Myspace pages and decided to study Computer Science at Loyola University Chicago. After getting her Master’s, during the day she worked on Finance systems and at night worked on hacking a Gibson. After years trying to hack a Gibson to finance her love of traveling, she decided to give up that dream and join Jellyvision. She figured she can put her myspace page making to work and NOT break their infrastructure.

Why I like to work at Jellyvision

You get to be your true self, no limitations on your personality. People here are genuine and want you to succeed in every part of your life and career.